PHATport 350

Photo of PHATport 350The head-turning stand-alone solar energy structure is designed for fast assembly at the location by re-thinking the way the racking and solar panels, known as the “deck”, are delivered to the location. Pre-designed and delivered ready to assemble, the PHATport™ 350 deck is secured to a supporting frame.

The PHATport™ 350, like the rest of PHAT Energy’s PHATport™   line, is built for the unique Sanyo translucent panel which allows 15% of light to penetrate, providing cool shade in full sun. A PHATport™ 350 12-panel design can be erected by a qualified contractor in approximately 1/2 of the time it takes to construct a traditional equivalent structure.

The 350 is capable of supporting a 2.5 kW solar array (accounting for underside production), which is more than what is needed to fuel an electric car or make a significant difference in the power needs of a typical home. The PHATport™ 350 can be customized with lights, electrical outlets, EV Chargers, and column design options.

Hear what PHAT CEO Philippe Hartley has to say:

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