Ceramic PV Panels

RTL-CDW (Roof Collection)

Integrated Roof Tiles System Photonics

Replaces or becomes a part of traditional roof coverings, while maintaining and improving their insulation and protective properties.

Photovoltaic tiles, size 1000×750 mm, power 40Wp and 45Wp. Suitable for shingle-type roofing, these tiles ensure complete waterproofing for slopes up to 18° and provide a treadable surface. They can be installed easily on a wooden . . .

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SPL-AA (Skin Collection)

Integrated Facades System Photonics


Photonics Photovoltaic System offers solutions specifically designed for ventilated facades. A line of technologically innovative products and aesthetic, in which the use of fine ceramic materials combined with photovoltaic cells last generation, allows maximum design flexibility without compromise between design and functionality.

Photovoltaic sheets measuring 1000x1000mm, power 130 and . . .

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