Solar Thermal

Combined Module: PV Therm


The previously separated photovoltaic and solar thermal collector systems are successfully combined to provide the advantage of two systems in one. If the surface temperature reaches 176° F, the combi-module can be quickly cooled to below 68° F using 54° F cold water. This results in an efficiency increase of up to 30 percent. . . .

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Frame Collector FP 1.20.0 HE sc

Residential Hot Water 3

The frame collector FP 1.20.0 HE sc ab is perfectly designed for use in pumped systems. High efficiency due to the use of superior available materials and latest European technologies paired with top quality workmanship makes this light-weight frame collector unique. . . .

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Solar Assisted Air Conditioning


With solar assisted air conditioning, thermal energy is used to drive the cooling process rather than electric compressors. The most commonly available machines used for cooling are absorption chillers, a familiar technology widely used in many parts of the world for air conditioning and low temperature cold storage, and adsorption chillers which are gaining . . .

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