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It is within our corporate mandate to support the sales efforts of our wholesale resellers and we will honor geographical boundaries between both other resellers and ourselves… Unique only to our local corporate Florida offices, we will wholesale solar and PV products directly to installers and other solar professionals or where we do not have wholesale representation. As such we can test and demonstrate new product application and installations.

PV products as below:

Amorphous BIPV Module

Amorphous BIPV Facade

Power Generated: 75 Wp

Bifacial Photovoltaic Module

Double Bifacial Photovoltaic Module

High Efficiency

HIT® Double bifacial solar panels are World leaders in sunlight conversion efficiency, helping customers to enjoy the maximum power per square foot from available space.

Power Guarantee

SANYO guarantees customers will receive 100% of the panel’s rated power (or more) at the time of purchase, enabling owners to generate more kWh per rated watt. . . .

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Combined Module: PV Therm


The previously separated photovoltaic and solar thermal collector systems are successfully combined to provide the advantage of two systems in one. If the surface temperature reaches 176° F, the combi-module can be quickly cooled to below 68° F using 54° F cold water. This results in an efficiency increase of up to 30 percent. . . .

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Curved Double-Glazed BIPV Module

Curved Module

Transmittance: 70 – 30 %

Custom Steel Shelters and Shadings


We can provide different steel shading solutions with integrated photovoltaic panels

Energy Station

Portable Power Station

ADES’s R&D&I team have developed an equipment unit that is an energy station. It combines solar and fossil fuel energy sources with accumulation systems, and is capable of filling the energy demand of small isolated communities or emergency camps immediately. Created for being self-sufficient units, it is possible to choose between 100% renewable generation or mixed generation: these PPS become an optimum renewable replacing solution to standard power generators, through saving an important quantity of diesel and CO2 emissions. . . .

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Frame Collector FP 1.20.0 HE sc

Residential Hot Water 3

The frame collector FP 1.20.0 HE sc ab is perfectly designed for use in pumped systems. High efficiency due to the use of superior available materials and latest European technologies paired with top quality workmanship makes this light-weight frame collector unique. . . .

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FWAVE modules

FWAVE modules weigh only 1kg/m2 because we use plastic substrates. They are so lightweight that they can be mounted on unreinforced roofs and so flexible they can be mounted on curved surfaces.

Numerous FWAVE modules can be transported in one shipping container because each module can be rolled into a cylinder with a diameter . . .

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Galaxy Energy Car-Port

GALAXY Carport

The Galaxy Energy Car-Port can be used as a solar powered station for e-cars or the generated power can be fed into the grid. The high performance solar modules are part of a watertight roof. . . .

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Green House Module


Attractive Aesthetics and Performance

Sleek white or transparent appearance integrates with your green house roof Delivers the performance and power per unit area that you need Designed in collaboration with a leading architectural firm specializing in green house solutions

Easy to Install

No special requirements for drainage holes or mounting holes Frame configuration simplifies . . .

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