North American Distribution

Photo of North American DistributionOpening in Nov 2010, our team of dedicated construction and building trade professionals will canvas the country carrying a portfolio of the top line of BIPV products. With offices and warehouses in Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Albuquerque, New Mexico, GCSS will be geographically postured to directly service end users and support our reselling network. (Pictured here: warehouse in New Bedford, Massachusetts)

What our manufacturers and reselling partners can expect from GCSS:

  1. Making our partners’ products a priority within our product line.
  2. Achieving substantial product revenue sales targets through longer sales cycles for BIPV.
  3. Making product prospecting calls on a high percentage of their sales calls.
  4. Displaying partner products at local and regional trade shows, as well as industry, association and mutual aid meetings and conferences.
  5. Maintaining a GCSS a place of business, including warehouse facilities, within your designated geographic area and maintain an agreed upon minimum inventory for the sole purpose of meeting customer needs
  6. Being actively available to ensure technical compliance and support of solution installation and warranty.
  7. Having the broadest line of complimentary and non competitive products with what we consider the best product of its type in each category.