Our Expertise

Photo of Our ExpertiseAs technology experts representing and distributing the world’s most advanced BIPV technologies, our team can facilitate throughout the lifecycle of your project ensuring proper integration from design through build to going on line.

With a team of consultants well versed in supplying solar power plants, we can facilitate builds for both investor owned municipal or federal projects.  Further, we can make attractive offers to utilize former airfields, garbage dumps or designated brown fields for the realization of turnkey PV plants anywhere in North America. We have a particular interest in bringing federal facilities into compliance for renewable mandates.


Diversity of talent is one of Green Coast’s strengths. Our team of consulting sales professionals do their very best to address your specific ideas. Should you lease your roof or open space for a PV system? Would you like to build a or integrate a BIPV system into your project? Are you an investor looking for a suitable project or are you looking to have your own solar farm project put together?

We offer a broad spectrum of opportunities and a range of diverse services. We will authoritatively address for you: which contractual obligations and commitments you should sign with energy purchasers; how you can integrate solar energy into a local authority’s energy concept; and how you can integrate BIPV into your design and build out while recapturing state and federal incentives. We offer comprehensive consulting and accompany you from concept to conclusion.


Our fist imperative is lending consideration to appropriate physical attributes of either your building or land parcel. Does the roof face south? Will it bear the weight of the module? Will it be renovated in the near future? Is your land topographically appropriate and secure? The best spaces are sealed surfaces, military conversion areas or unused farming areas. GCSS collects yield appraisals, investigates plans for the region and looks into options for connecting the system to the power grid. We also resolve any questions related to property law. Keeping in mind a shared goal, we look to satisfy all partners while building a power plant and keep everyone apprised of progress throughout.


We select appropriate surfaces with the potential for profitable yields. Our project managers take care of all leasing contracts and building licenses. If there are conflicting interests and viewpoints, we organize compromises that suit all parties, for example between economic developers and conservationists. We size the systems and select the types of modules and module systems needed to suit the specific land area. In this phase of the project, we also make detailed plans for coordinating the system’s construction. And throughout the entire project, we will stand by as your contact partner to ensure your system produces clean, reliable energy.


We optimize the efficiency of a project at all levels. Framework agreements with renowned manufacturers, such as System Photonics, Canadian Solar, and SMA inverters, guarantee cutting edge technology at affordable prices. Our professionals also help you to finance your solar power systems. We negotiate ideal credit conditions with banks and institutional lenders. As a project owner, you benefit from contracting GCSS to construct a system for you.


GCSS project managers have experience building and planning several PV power plants and large scale BIPV projects. For the large majority of projects, GCSS coordinates all activities during the construction phase. Solar modules, installation systems, inverters and transformers are delivered, assembled and connected. GCSS connects the system to the power grid and commissions the system.  Of significant note, by contracting with regional construction and transportation companies, we make a regular contribution to value creation in the local community.


Our management division would be pleased to contract with you for facility management and handle the O & M. This, of course, would include daily inspection with remote monitoring, and when necessary, carry out maintenance. With an operational commitment, we offer timely and comprehensive fiduciary accountability with regular financial reporting to all principals and vested parties.