Steel Structures

Custom Steel Shelters and Shadings


We can provide different steel shading solutions with integrated photovoltaic panels

Galaxy Energy Car-Port

GALAXY Carport

The Galaxy Energy Car-Port can be used as a solar powered station for e-cars or the generated power can be fed into the grid. The high performance solar modules are part of a watertight roof. . . .

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Park Green Parking Garage

Parking Garage

This parking garage provides more than just shelter for your car. It produces energy.

Parking Solutions for Townhouses


We provide different parking solutions that match your house and/or neighborhood



The PHATPORT 200 is the ultimate design in architecturally striking solar structures. It will grace any residential or small commercial open space. It is designed to be used as a covered solar patio or solar carport , and it hides its power generation role so well as to charm the visitors who stroll underneath it. Modern yet elegant, it can be built as a lean-to or as a free standing structure. Very adaptable in architectural style, it can add a whole new angle to your backyard, one in which function and form are one. What a better place than your own outdoor space to celebrate environmental responsibility with financially rewarding design! . . .

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PHATport 350


The head-turning stand-alone solar energy structure is designed for fast assembly at the location by re-thinking the way the racking and solar panels, known as the “deck”, are delivered to the location. Pre-designed and delivered ready to assemble, the PHATport™ 350 deck is secured to a supporting frame. . . .

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