Glass Windows

Curved Double-Glazed BIPV Module

Curved Module

Transmittance: 70 – 30 %

Green House Module


Attractive Aesthetics and Performance

Sleek white or transparent appearance integrates with your green house roof Delivers the performance and power per unit area that you need Designed in collaboration with a leading architectural firm specializing in green house solutions

Easy to Install

No special requirements for drainage holes or mounting holes Frame configuration simplifies . . .

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Semi-Transparent Crystalline BIPV Module

Semi-Transparant Crystalline BIPV Module

Transmittance: 10%

Solar Iris

Solar Iris

Replaces windows for power production

Serves the exterior structure

Saves cost by replacing conventional structural materials

Unique and attractive aesthetic appeal

Taiyo See-through Solar


TSS(Taiyo See-through Solar) is a high performance glass which can generate infinite and clean electric power through photovoltaics. Moreover, the glass functions as a heat shield preventing excessive solar heat gain.

TSS is a new building material that strikes a balance between environment friendliness and a high level of comfort to building occupants.

TSS . . .

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