Greenway™ Path and Trail Lighting

The Greenway™ solar LED light system is a complete turnkey lighting system designed for safety and security. It provides a clear white light in a concentrated elongated photometric pattern to maximize brightness and effectiveness. Greenway’s Ascot fixture has been lauded by Architects and Landscape Designers as SOL’s most beautiful light.

SOL Greenway™ is ideal for:

• Pathways or trails

• Sidewalk perimeters

• Walkways

• Driveways

• Parks

• Area Security

SOL Greenway™ is designated for use in a variety of project across the world providing reliable, renewable safety and security. Special features include ultra bright LEDs rated to 70,000 hours (L-70) and weather, corrosion and tamper proof security features for theft prevention.

Other Advantages

• Turn key system includes 20 foot direct burial pole

• Distributed light and power – no single point of failure for enhanced security

• No line voltage, trenching, or metering

• No scheduled maintenance for up to five year

• IDA Dark Sky approved fixtures available

• No electrical charges

• Battery back up for cloudy days

• Immune to power outages

• Easy to install – less than 1 hour

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