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It is within our corporate mandate to support the sales efforts of our wholesale resellers and we will honor geographical boundaries between both other resellers and ourselves… Unique only to our local corporate Florida offices, we will wholesale solar and PV products directly to installers and other solar professionals or where we do not have wholesale representation. As such we can test and demonstrate new product application and installations.

PV products as below:

Power Flex

Power FLEX

Designed specially for rooftops

Integrates with roofing surface

No mounting hardware No roof penetrations No wind load

Flexible module

Fits all roof types and shapes Durable, non-breakable

Light weight

2.5 kg/m2 (0.5 lb/ft2) with adhesive No structural reinforcement required

More energy per roof

High efficiency CIGS

10.5% to 12.6% aperture efficiency 50% more efficient . . .

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Power Shingle


Meet PowerShingle™. Solar that’s designed to fit you. Your style. Your home. Your roof. No bulky panels or heavy frames, just a solar roof that’s stylish enough for the front of your home, with the energy to power it.

Roof PowerPanel Module

PowerPanel Module

Kingspan Roof PowerPanel Module consists of specific Kingspan insulated roof panels with a frame mounted module. It is suitable for pitched roof applications on new build or refurbishment projects. . . .

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RTL-CDW (Roof Collection)

Integrated Roof Tiles System Photonics

Replaces or becomes a part of traditional roof coverings, while maintaining and improving their insulation and protective properties.

Photovoltaic tiles, size 1000×750 mm, power 40Wp and 45Wp. Suitable for shingle-type roofing, these tiles ensure complete waterproofing for slopes up to 18° and provide a treadable surface. They can be installed easily on a wooden . . .

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Semi-Transparent Crystalline BIPV Module

Semi-Transparant Crystalline BIPV Module

Transmittance: 10%

Solar Assisted Air Conditioning


With solar assisted air conditioning, thermal energy is used to drive the cooling process rather than electric compressors. The most commonly available machines used for cooling are absorption chillers, a familiar technology widely used in many parts of the world for air conditioning and low temperature cold storage, and adsorption chillers which are gaining . . .

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Solar Iris

Solar Iris

Replaces windows for power production

Serves the exterior structure

Saves cost by replacing conventional structural materials

Unique and attractive aesthetic appeal

SPL-AA (Skin Collection)

Integrated Facades System Photonics


Photonics Photovoltaic System offers solutions specifically designed for ventilated facades. A line of technologically innovative products and aesthetic, in which the use of fine ceramic materials combined with photovoltaic cells last generation, allows maximum design flexibility without compromise between design and functionality.

Photovoltaic sheets measuring 1000x1000mm, power 130 and . . .

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Taiyo See-through Solar


TSS(Taiyo See-through Solar) is a high performance glass which can generate infinite and clean electric power through photovoltaics. Moreover, the glass functions as a heat shield preventing excessive solar heat gain.

TSS is a new building material that strikes a balance between environment friendliness and a high level of comfort to building occupants.

TSS . . .

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Three Phase Solar Inverters


The SolarEdge PV inverter combines a sophisticated, digital control technology and a one stage, efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar power harvesting and best-in-class reliability. Our fixed-voltage technology ensures the solar inverter is always working at its optimal input voltage, regardless of the number of modules in a string or environmental conditions. . . .

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