TPM Series Lighting

The TPM series features a totally integrated top of pole mounted adjustable tilted power module, which is mounted separately from the luminaire. This allows for the solar panel(s) to be mounted at the optimum angle to capture the sun’s energy for a particular geographic location. This versatile system is available with a variety of fixture options including Cobrahead, Shoebox and Sol’s latest architectural Mesa. Mounting options include universal, bullhorn or short arm in a single or dual configuration.

TPM Series is ideal for:

• Docks • Remote & Temporary Areas • General Area Lighting
• Parks & Trails • Wildlife area • Street & Roadways
• Ramps • Parks & Playgrounds • Parking Lots
• Walkways • Perimeter Security

Sol TPM Series is designated for use in a variety of project across the world providing reliable, renewable safety and security. Special features include ultra bright LEDs rated to 70,000 hours (LM70) with weather, corrosion and tamper proof security features for theft prevention.

Other Advantages

• IDA Dark Sky approved fixtures • Distributed light and power – no single point of failure for enhanced security
• Easy to install • No line voltage, trenching, or metering
• No electrical charges • Battery back up for cloudy days
• Immune to power outages • No scheduled maintenance for up to five year

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